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Welcome to the Breakthrough Training Resource Center

This page contains links to all the materials your team will need during the Breakthrough Training. We strongly recommend that you bookmark this page in your browser for quick and easy access throughout the team process.

Have you downloaded documents from this page before? To ensure that you get the latest version, it’s always a good idea to clear your browser’s memory cache before you download new documents.

For every training, sets up a team page with resources—brochures, registration links, online forms—specific to your training. If you need help finding your team page, view the finding your team-page instructions.

Resources for Before the Training

Name Badges


3″ x 4″ PDF Template

3″ x 4″ MS Word Template 

Charts and Signs

All Charts and Signs (.zip file)

The following PDFs of the breakthrough Training charts and signs are designed to be printed on 30″ x 36″ and mounted to poster board, foam core, or gator broad.

Promise and Commitment (2 signs)
Scripture (11 signs)
Distinctions (7 signs)

The following PDFs are designed to be printed on 11″ x 36″ and mounted to poster board, foam core, or gator broad.

Up until now—From now on (2 signs)

The following sign is designed to be printed on a tabloid (11″ x 17″) sheet of paper.

Emergency Contact Number

Resources for During the Training

Thursday Packets

All Thursday-Packet Docs (.zip file)

Purpose Statement

Purpose Vocabulary

Ground Rules – Signed

Ground Rules – Not Signed

Hold Harmless Agreement (2)

Pocket Folders


Stats, Tracking, Etc.

All Tracking Docs (.zip file)

Team Job Assignment Sheet (Thurs)

Participant Introductions (Thurs)

Buddy and Committed to Cause List (Thurs)

Lifeboat Statistics Sheet (Fri)

Contribution Slips and Envelopes (Sun)

Re-Entry Ground Rules (Sun)

What’s Next Signup

What’s Next Coaching Conversation Signup (Sun)

Sunday Packets

All Sunday-Packet Docs (.zip file)

Declaration of Commitment, Big Bold Promises

Survey Reminder

Reinventing Relationships

Breakthrough Music List

Recommended Reading

Contribution Slips

Group Photo (Template)

Upcoming Trainings